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Name Value

Poster Image Width
Animated GIF Width
Animated GIF Frames Per Second
Logo 1
Logo 1 Position
Logo 1 Size
Logo 1 Fade In Start
Logo 1 Fade In End
Logo 1 Fade Out Start
Logo 1 Fade Out End
Logo 2
Logo 2 Position
Logo 2 Size
Logo 2 Fade In Start
Logo 2 Fade In End
Logo 2 Fade Out Start
Logo 2 Fade Out End
Text Position
Text Font
Text Size
Text Color
Text Background Color
Text Scale Factor
Pre-roll Fade Out
Main Movie Fade In
Main Movie Fade Out
End Frame Fade In
End Frame
Pre-Roll Audio Track
Main Movie Audio Track
Post-Roll Audio Track
animated GIF
Equilibrium logo